Getting Started with Dragon NaturallySpeaking®

SpokenComputing strongly recommends Dragon NaturallySpeaking® for speech recognition software. For a decade, it's been the leader in computing by voice, and the latest version is amazingly accurate.

"Dragon NaturallySpeaking's ever improving accuracy, ease of vocabulary customization, ability for broad use, and custom command creation makes it an invaluable tool for interactions with most PC programs."

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Here's what you need to get started:

Which version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking® should I pick?

The underlying speech engine is the same throughout the whole suite of Dragon NaturallySpeaking® products, which means they all have the same high accuracy level.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 10 Preferred
Gives you most premium capabilities, except for the abilities to create or import complex commands.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 10 Standard
Provides full dictation capabilities, but without some Dragon tools like dictation playback or smart formatting.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Professional 10 Us Var
The top of the line, and has capabilities to create, edit, import, and export commands. Pro's powerful command capabilities can greatly increase Dragon's efficiency.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 9 Medical (v10 coming soon!)
Has the full capabilities of Dragon Professional, with 14 specialized Medical vocabularies built in.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 9 Legal (v10 coming soon!)
Has the full capabilities of Dragon Professional, with Legal vocabulary built in.
Upgrade Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Professional 10.0 From Pro V8 Or V9
Upgrade to the full capabilities of Dragon Professional version 10 from either Dragon version 8 or 9 Professional.

Still not sure which version is right for you? You can compare the versions on the manufacturer's site or contact me and I'll help you figure it out.

Which microphones work well with Dragon?

Dragon requires use of a noise-canceling microphone, such as: Microphones may be purchased from:

Do I need a USB connector pod for my microphone?

That depends on your computer, and your computer's sound system. Dragon recommends Creative® Labs SoundBlaster® 16 sound cards or equivalent models, but even these can have difficulties, especially on laptops.

USB connectors can circumvent most soundcard problems. It is an extra expense, but I do recommend most people get them. USB microphones do not need a USB connector pod.

You can buy USB connectors for microphones at: