How Online Classes Work

Your instructor will call you at the start of class while you are logging on to our online meeting center. While you are talking on the phone, you can see each other's computer screens to demonstrate and practice. Comprehensive training materials provide our curriculum during class and serve as your reference materials after class.

FREE! FREE Computer Evaluation Included with Every Class
Maximize Dragon NaturallySpeaking's performance! I値l evaluate your computer set up, and give you a free report to let you know if you need any upgrades or additional equipment to successfully use speech recognition software.

Learning Dragon NaturallySpeaking®

Dragon Installation (1 session)
I値l verify that your computer is Dragon-ready, and install your speech recognition software. You値l be up and running with Dragon, including optimizing your microphone setup and setting program options.
Dragon Full Introduction (2-3 sessions)
I値l teach you a comprehensive introduction to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. You'll be able to start using your voice to dictate text and control your computer with your first class. Later classes will teach you voice commands for cursor movement, formatting, and great Dragon tools.
(Additional cost for recommended course materials.)
Dragon Advanced (duration varies with topic and complexity)
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro offers valuable and powerful capabilities for command creation. These can significantly reduce your hand use and increase your efficiency. Learn how to create and manage your commands, and become your own Dragon expert.
(Additional cost for recommended course materials.)

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Integrating Dragon® with Commonly Used Programs

Microsoft Outlook and Dragon (2-3 sessions)
Learn how to use Dragon for your e-mail, to schedule meetings in your Calendar, and to manage your Contacts. With your voice you値l be able to send and receive e-mail, address messages, and manage your Inbox. Classes also available in GroupWise, Thunderbird, & Lotus Notes e-mail programs.
(Additional cost for recommended course materials.)
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Dragon (1 session)
Surf the Internet with your voice! You'll learn how to click on links, fill out forms, and quickly navigate to your favorite websites.
(Additional cost for recommended course materials.)
Microsoft Word and Dragon (2-3 sessions)
Work more efficiently with Dragon in Word by learning valuable voice commands. You'll learn editing and formatting commands that are faster than the speediest typist. Work by voice in tables, bulleted lists, and much more!
(Additional cost for recommended course materials.)
Microsoft Excel and Dragon (2-3 sessions)
Learn how to use speech recognition software in a spreadsheet. You can use Dragon for data entry, formatting, and even charts.
(Additional cost for recommended course materials.)

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Custom Dragon® and Keystroke Classes

Custom Dragon Commands (duration varies with software complexity)
Voice enable any Windows-based form, software, or mainframe application. I値l create the commands you need to greatly improve Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro's performance and accuracy, and I値l show you how to use them.
Dragon Refresher (1-2 sessions)
Rusty on cursor movement? Forgot how to move your mouse by voice? We can review any commands and practice, so that you can be even more hands-free.
Dragon Q & A Session (1 session)
You tell me what you need to know about Dragon. Come with specific questions, or ask for general speech recognition knowledge.
Keystroke Classes (1 session)
Dragon is not required. Learn to how use your keyboard more efficiently, and use your mouse less. Microsoft Windows keystrokes can replace many mouse movements and mouse clicks. You'll be amazed how much you can do without ever reaching for that painful mouse.

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