Learn to Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking®

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Have you tried to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking® speech recognition software, but been frustrated? The transition from hands to voice is not as easy as people may think. Although speech recognition software has made incredible advances in accuracy, it remains difficult for many people to use.

With 10 years of Dragon® training experience, I can teach you how to use your computer by voice, and guide you through the in's and out's of speech recognition. Whether you're using Dragon due to repetitive stress injuries, physical disabilities, or simply because you want to type 130 words per minute, I can show you how to make the transition.

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SpokenComputing gives you better training for lower cost than leading competitors! I am a Dragon®-certified instructor, with extensive experience integrating hundreds of different computer applications to work by voice.

You can choose to purchase any amount of training, from a single hour lesson to a full series of lessons. I'll teach you how to integrate Dragon NaturallySpeaking® with the software you use everyday. You always train at your own pace, and without expensive and unnecessary extras.

Personalized, one-on-one training is available for: